Cinderella Modern Princess by Coco Rocha

DG8499_030215_SE_Cinderella_ComplexGrid_CocoRocha_03022015v2 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-duchess-blouse-d-2015031014350872~400796_115 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-duchess-blouse-d-20150213142358093~400796_alt1 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-duchess-blouse-d-20150213142417483~400796_alt2 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-rock-royalty-jacket-d-2015021315583368~400821_alt8 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-rock-royalty-jacket-d-20150213155550007~400821 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-rock-royalty-jacket-d-20150213155657553~400821_alt3 modern-princess-by-coco-rocha-the-rock-royalty-jacket-d-20150213155716867~400821_alt4Cinderella Modern Princess by Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha knows a thing or two about the runway. She’s a model aficionado with stylish friends all over the globe. But she also knows how to bring coveted looks directly to your doorstep. Her woman’s-best-friend approach, fashion acuity and stylist skill-set are evident in every detail of her HSN-exclusive line. If you’ve always wanted a piece of the supermodel life, here’s your chance to have it.



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