“It´s spring 2015′ Zara Spring – Summer 2015

“It´s spring 2015′ Zara Spring – Summer 2015

Zara few days ago we presented the collection of the season and when are still catching up in terms of its proposals, the company shows us a new lookbook Zara Woman, “it’s spring 2015”, which expands its line with new garments spring.

The new catalog of Zara consists of 15 looks in which is reflected the bohemian style inspired by the 70s, however, this time the hippie spirit that is clearly reflected in the previous catalog has now become a seventies boho at its most chic version.
The black and white two-tone trend of the season, could not be in a more elegant than that proposed by the firm with a simple coat of Japanese manga design. Floral prints are also another essential and will star certainly dresses this season, wide trousers or total looks composed shirtwaist style blazer and straight pants.
Another print that seems be very fashionable this spring are great pictures. We are already seeing in several collections such proposals shorts and shirts on which is played with different directions: diagonally to the top and straight garment to look the other proposal; styling that is very flattering.
Following trends, Zara also includes skin can wear mini skirts billowing blouses with lace and puffed sleeves. And before that besides appearing in fringed vests, also reaches straight dresses with crochet details; an original, simple and elegant black design.
Embroidery, this season, must be present in your wardrobe and if the proposal Zara will be a sure hit because the dress layered with embroidery that shows the safe lookbbok that is included in your wish list for your next shopping.
And finally with the essential proposals Zara offers us, we only have bell bottoms in different textures and designs. long vests tailor or crocheted, and classic camel coat men have both seen this winter.

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